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Inspired by Nature

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Inspired by Nature

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Inpired by Nature

A Network of 40 Companies Dedicated to Italian Excellence For Creation of Beauty.



Casa Mexico – La casa ideale: alla Triennale di Milano è stata inaugurata l’esposizione “Casa Mexico” alla quale hanno partecipato alla realizzazione le aziende di Confartigianato Milano, Monza e Brianza.

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Mobilitaly was created to boost the image and potential of Brianza, in the heart of one of the four big economic engines of Europe, in the field of housing and design.
 The Brianza district, located just north of Milan, boasts more than 40 companies known worldwide for a tradition and reputation in creating works in wood of unparalleled excellence and craftsmanship.
Today, from design to after-sales service, professionalism, experience and knowledge all intersect in a technology enterprise with a strong propensity to innovate.
Mobilitaly is the hub of a network of active connections that promote the exchange of skills, and above all mutual trust, not only among the partners, but also between the partners and the outside world – local, national and global.

We exist by the grace of tradition


The culture of lifestyle – lifestyle that promotes character and wisdom.
Locally produced designs that integrate local materials to produce an environment to well-being and harmony.
We adopt a new approach to humanism that puts designers, engineers, manufacturers, and craftsmen at the forefront of a new ethic, working together in an ambience that integrates a sense of community, respect for the human condition and reverence of nature. Our goal is to produce new systems of sustainable living that does not lose sight of solidarity and that values diversity.

Aggregate excellence makes us unique


Rapport and cooperation are the core value; research and training are the founding principles. Our aim is to maintain and nourish a virtuous circle of innovative development through collaboration and synergies among different skill-sets and perspectives, favouring the cross-pollination of thoughts and experiences. The district was created to expand the horizons of life, develop new design scenarios that integrate cutting edge advances in neuroscience and bio-architecture, as well as incorporating elements of timeless ancient oriental disciplines such as feng-shui, without losing local production values and culture.
Construction, carpentry and woodworking, metal works and fabrication, engineering, landscape architecture, feng-shui, , sculpture and stone-working, fabrics and material design, graphics, horticulture and sustainable maintenance.
The full gamut of creativity lives in Mobilitaly.

Together we are designing the future


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Via G.B. Stucchi, 64
20900 Monza MB - Italy

+39 039 480935